Sailingschool Nieuwkoop

Sailingschool Nieuwkoop

Sailingschool Nieuwkoop yóúr Sailingschool in the Green Heart!

Do you want to learn to sail in relaxed way? Learn to deal with the natural elements of wind and water so you can control your own boat: chose your own direction? Are you between 7 and 18 years old and looking for a nice sailing activity during the holidays? Or are your children (grandchildren) in that age and do you want to give them a sportive and educational holiday? You are welcome at our Sailingschool.

We enjoy  to learn you how to sail. That starts with playful learning to deal with everything that is involved in sailing. By experience, and also by "knowing" what you do, you can enjoy the cool feeling of controling your sailboat. The Zuiderplas is part of a beautiful nature area. You sail in colored Optimists and you can get several diplomas. We are well trained and use the same sailinglevels and guidelines like other sailingschools. So that fits in well with each other. Besides sailing lessons in an Optimist, there is also the opportunity to sail in a Splash. The sailing courses for children are given in the end of april and summer hollidays.

A sailing week consists  5 days from 10.00 to 17.00 pm, monday / friday. In the evening you can be at home. Our instructors will guide you with motorboats. With 3 persons we teach 12 children giving all the guidance you need. Theory and practice are nicely varied and there is room to play and relax in the break. The lunch we eat together at our raft island. We sail in a beautiful and quiet area: the Zuiderplas of Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Child-oriented and small scale is our motto. The only condition is that you have your swimming certificate A. You sail with a life vest, which we have available here. Sailing with a little bit of rain is óke. Therefor you can bring rainingclothes. When the weather conditions are to bad, we will be busy with sailing on an "alternative" way.

On Friday afternoon, the parents (or grandparents) are invited to watch the Sailingshow, they can see what you have learned. A pleasant afternoon for everyone. Finaly there is the graduation.

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