Orchids & Wine Tour


  • Cycling tour through the Green Heart area of the Netherlands
  • Visiting the orchid plantation Van der Hoorn
  • Lunch at vineyard “Naescas” with a tour and wine tasting afterwards


10:00: Collect bikes and map at the TIP. 

10:30: Tour of the orchid plantation Van der Hoorn with a cup of coffee/tea. Maurice van der Hoorn from Ter Aar cultivates Phalaenopsis in a greenhouse of 15.000 m2. A heat pump, convection system and six sources of energy from 100 metres deep produce the heating or cooling needed for these plants. The greenhouse isn't connected to gas, with this plantations being the first one to use this system in the Netherlands. Warm and cold water is stored in aquifers that are a 100 metres under the ground. Van der Hoorn won an award for this initiative.
Address: Paradijsweg 49.

12:30: Back on the bikes and head to vineyard Naescas for lunch and tour. Vineyard Naescas has 5000 m2 with four different kinds of grapes. Two white: Solaris and Palatina, and two red: Rondo and Regent. For years, they have tried to create grapes that are fungus resistant on vineyards in Germany. Some of the successful kinds matured sooner than the usual kinds from France. This vineyard is an example of how the Netherlands became more involved in the production of wine in Europe. 
Address: Westkanaalweg 123.

15:30: Cycling back to the TIP.


Information and reservations exclusively at TIP Nieuwkoop, phone 0172-571120 or email   

Tour Details


  • Cycling tour to orchids and wine tasting at a vineyard. Lunch included.
  • Number of people 8-99
  • Price from € 42,60


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Arrangement Details

Cycling tour to orchids and wine tasting at a vineyard. Lunch included.

Aantal personen 8-99
vanaf prijs € 42,60
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