Made to Measure Tours


Alongside the regular programs, we will be happy to create a tour program that fits your needs. We know the area like nobody else, and we'll organise your company outing, family parties, reunions or a fun day out with friends. Depending on the size of the group and your budget we will work together to create a perfect program. For groups with more than 33 people multiple boats can be arranged. 

The Touristic Information Point (TIP) has a lot of information available on biking, sailing, canoeing and hiking routes, accommodations, restaurants and cafes, museums and things to do. The TIP is also ideal for  hiring bikes and electric bikes and these arrangements can be made to measure and will be perfectly organised by the team. Whether you're interested in going solo, with a group or as a pair, Nieuwkoop has a lot to offer!

 So much to do!  On this website you will find everything that you can do in and around Nieuwkoop, and it's a lot! Not only can you sail endlessly on the Nieuwkoop Lakes in an electroboat, sailing boat, canoe or rowing boat, you can also choose to take a tour in one of the touring boats. If you're not feeling like sailing, there are also widespread polders where you can walk or cycle for hours. Enough reasons to come and visit Nieuwkoop for a day. Or a few days, of course, because there are plenty of opportunities to stay the night. Nieuwkoop is actually too scenic to stay only for one day.


Information and reservations exclusively at TIP Nieuwkoop, phone 0172-571120, email 

Tour Details

  • Flexible tour arrangements available. Everything is possible!
  • Number of people 8-99
  • prices tailored to suit your requirements

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Arrangement Details

The most populair arrangements with lots of flexibility. Everything is possible!

Aantal personen 8-99
vanaf prijs € 1
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