Boat & Bike Tour The Meije


  • Reception at TIP Nieuwkoop, picking up a map and if acquired a rental bike
  • Coffee & Cake
  • Climbing the tower Reghthuystoren
  • Lunch with local products
  • Sailing the Nieuwkoop Lakes 


Arriving at Reception at TIP Nieuwkoop (Noordenseweg 23A you will receive a map for the cycling tour through the Meije and possibly pick up your rental bikes if needed. 

In the centre of Nieuwkoop, on the Dorpsstraat, you can first enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with cake. Then you can climb the Regthuystoren accompanied by a guide. From above you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Nieuwkoop and the lakes. On clear days you might even spot the ArenA in Amsterdam, the Dom in Utrecht or the Erasmusbridge in Rotterdam!

After that you will continue the journey, cycling along the Meijepad, a path surrounded by water, to bistro De Halve Maan.If the weather is fine the bistro has a lovely terrace to enjoy a delicious lunch served with local products.. After lunch the cycling tour will be continued past the charming little river The Meije.

At Lusthof De Haeck it is possible to take a small walking tour, which is also pictured on your map. Afterwards you can take a boat trip on the Nieuwkoop Lakes with an electronic boat or a tourist boat. Finish off the tour with a drink at restaurant Tijsterman, beautifully located next to the Nieuwkoop Lakes.

The rental bikes are to be returned to TIP Nieuwkoop. 


Information and reservations exclusively at TIP Nieuwkoop, phone 0172-571120, email   

Tour Details

  • Discover Nieuwkoop by boat and The Meije by bicycle. Lunch included. 
  • Number of people 10-99
  • Price from € 38,30

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Arrangement Details

Discover Nieuwkoop by boat and The Meije by bicycle. Lunch included. 

Aantal personen 10-99
vanaf prijs € 38,30
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