Tour Around Noorden


  • Coffee or tea with apple pie
  • Sailing the Nieuwkoopse Plassen
  • Lunch at Café de Klinker
  • Visit to the waterlily Nursery "Nymphaea" 
  • Approximately 4 and a half hours of visiting this wonderful natural environment 


Arrive in Noorden where you will be welcomed at Café de Noordse Plassen with two coffees or teas and an Apple pie with whipped cream. This unique café has a terrace overlooking the water. Motorboats are not allowed here so the guests can enjoy the quiet picturesque location.. Here you can see fishermen in rowing boats, hoping to catch carp in this locally famous fishing spot. 

Next, you will be taken to Café de Klinker by car, where you will board an electroboat to embark on your journey through the most beautiful part of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. With the help of a map you will silently make your way through small waterways, wide canals and lakes, past cane fields and swamps. After a two hour trip  you will arrive back at Café de Klinker, where a delicious lunch will be served. 

After lunch a walk of approximately 500 metres will take you to Waterlily Nursery Nymphaea. This nursery is located on a beautiful island in the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. You will be welcomed by Herman de Beer, who will tell you all about the different types of waterlilies at his nursery. He specializes in tiny breeds of waterlilies (5cm), which are perfect for people with a small pond. Herman also owns tame frogs, and is fascinating to listen to on this topic. His partner, well-known artist Jeanne Johns, captures the picturesque flowers on her canvases. Herman's waterlilies are available for sale. A visit to the Nymphaea Island is an unforgettable experience!


Information and reservations exclusively at TIP Nieuwkoop, phone 0172-571120 or email   

Tour Details

  • Sailing and visiting a waterlily nursery. Lunch included.
  • Number of people 8-99
  • Price from € 26,80
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Arrangement Details

Sailing and visiting a waterlily nursery. Lunch included.

Aantal personen 8-99
vanaf prijs € 26,80
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