Roman Catholic Church of Nieuwkoop

Roman Catholic Church of Nieuwkoop

Visit the monumental Roman Catholic Church and its rectory

The Roman Catholic Church in Nieuwkoop is called "Onze Lieve Vrouwe Assumption Church" and is located on the main street Dorpsstraat 35. The church and its rectory are national monuments. The church also includes its own parish cemetery and parish house. Every weekend there are services, but every Thursday morning at 9 am also in the side chapel. Tuesday and Thursday morning the chapel will be open, accessible through the side entrance. The sign "Mariakapel open" will be outside. On these days, the Secretariat is also open (in the rectory) from 9.30 to 12 hours.

With enough participants (at least 8 -20 persons) in our beautiful building a guided tour can be arranged.

You should contact Rob Aupers: phone 0172-572140 or e-mail:

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