Want to see Nieuwkoop at its best? Shipping Company Nieuwkoop would like to welcome you aboard. With the cozy excursion boats Barbarella and Annabel provides Shipping company Nieuwkoop tours, for groups, on the unique Lakes of Nieuwkoop
During the trip, you can also pamper your guests with a drink, snack plateau, tasty lunch or a delicious dinner buffet.

We also make arrangements. A round trip combined with a visit to a restaurant, museum or walking area, it is all possible. Tell us what you like and we offer you a great program.

De Nieuwkoopse Plassen, are located in the Green Heart of Holland, in a typical Dutch landscape. A unique nature reserve, which consists of swamp forests, reed beds and water features with a variety of bird and plant species. Distinguishes itself from the other lakes in the west of the Netherlands for the calm, the varied landscape and the special nature.

Imagine, in the pleasant company of your guests, you will see beautiful scenery, village silhouettes, reed beds, ponds and swamps forest quietly glide to you. Relax in reclining stand the drinks and snacks within reach.

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