Boating information

General boating information

There are rules concerning sailing and staying on the Langeraar and Nieuwkoop Lakes. These rules are necessary to protect and preserve our beautiful natural areas. When you buy a licence, you will receive a brochure with all the information about the rules, opening hours of locks and bridges and a map of the area.

- Speed

In the entire area, 6km/h is the maximum speed, with the exception of the Ziendevaart, the Sloot van de Graaf, the Machinesloot, a part of the Meesloot towards the Vetweisloot, and Brampjesgatand Jaagpadsloot. There the maximum speeds is 4.5km/h.

- Use of motor

The motor can’t be used between half an hour past sunset and half an hour before sunrise.

- No mooring

Mooring, surfing, sailing, walking, swimming or fishing isn’t allowed in the reed bed areas. Check below for free berths.


- The Nieuwkoop lakes

In some cases you need a licence to sail on the Nieuwkoop lakes. For sailing with a canoe, rowing boat, surfboard, sailboat or any other type of boat without a motor, you don’t need a licence. Motorboats and electro boats do need a licence. A 24-hour licence will cost you €4,15. A licence for an entire year is €25 for boats that have under 6 PK/HP and €43 for boats from 6 PK/HP. The rules need to be obeyed at all times. Dinghies also need a licence when they can be propelled by themselves. The licence must be displayed clearly on the port side of theboat.

You an get a licence at any of the following distributors:

L.G. Groenendijk           
Voorweg  10
tel. (0172) 408 216


C. van ’t Klooster             
Zuideinde 29
tel. (0172) 571 125


A. Kuijf, sluiswachter
Milandweg 86
tel. (0172) 408 170






Watersport Rijnbeek
Dorpsstraat 163-165
tel. (0172) 571 408


P. van Vliet, sluiswachter
Ziendeweg 9
tel. (0172) 618 235



- The Langeraar lakes

When you want to sail on the Langeraar lakes, you won’t need a licence. The rules do have to be obeyed at all times. Windsurfing is allowed here. The use of speedboats, waterscooters and boats that are equipped for waterskiing and therefore can reach a higher speed are not allowed.


- Natuurmonumenten

Natuurmonumenten manages four berths on the Nieuwkoop lakes. You can stay here for a maximum of three consecutive days/ two nights.

- Gemeente Nieuwkoop

The Municipality of Nieuwkoop manages several berths and facilities. You can stay here for a maximum of three consecutive days/ two nights.

- N.H. Church

- Canoe berths

- Visitor’s berth

At various harbours there are guest places available where you can leave your boat overnight. Click here for more information.

Bridges and locks

To access the Nieuwkoop lakes from the Oude Rijn, you have to pass the Ziendebrug and Ziendesluis.

Information Ziendesluis: P. van Vliet tel. 0172-612587 of 06-21103937

From the Kromme Mijdrecht you will pass the Kollenbrug and the Slikkendammersluis.

Information Kollenbrug: tel. 0172-408710 
Information Slikkendammersluis:  A. Kuijf tel. 0172-408170 of 06-21103938 
Information Grechtsluis: tel. 0172-407486 (b.g.g. 0172-408497)

- Opening hours bridges and locks

Detailed information about the opening hours and specifications of all bridges and locks in the area can be found here on the website of Rijkswaterstaat.